9-Apr, 2021
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  • Wwwww

    Fn AidenFn Aiden18 kun oldin
  • When you finally realize his keybinds say NICKS after watching him for over a year

    - SLXSHI -- SLXSHI -19 kun oldin
  • wait are you still in 1p

    Ethan GildernewEthan GildernewOy oldin
  • it was a month ago where i saw the best key binds btw there nicks for his guns

    jo mommajo mommaOy oldin
  • Only OGS remember the day when he landed of tilted and had like 4K subs

    Dark-KayDark-KayOy oldin
    • And when he blowed up

      Dark-KayDark-KayOy oldin
  • Maybe you could try a “one gun only “ custom or something 🤷‍♀️

    maxine whitemaxine whiteOy oldin
  • I just realized nicks key binds says NICK

    XxFAYGO xXXxFAYGO xXOy oldin
    • only when he have his guns out

      XxFAYGO xXXxFAYGO xXOy oldin
  • Damnn

    Deal with kamiDeal with kamiOy oldin
  • Nicks channel is dying bro

    Mason Stoltz 28Mason Stoltz 28Oy oldin
  • Thought this was a mccreamy vid💀

    spooks not so scarryspooks not so scarryOy oldin
  • Bro you not be earle

    qt Asherqt AsherOy oldin
  • Nicks playing solid gold and he is like he has heavy sniper the gold one 🤣 lmfao

    Saim AdilSaim AdilOy oldin
  • Wow Nicks channel has really gone down... 📉📉

    JayJayOy oldin
  • I have a challenge, no keycaps challenge, you need to take off All of the keycaps

    SIS vs BRO originalSIS vs BRO originalOy oldin
  • nicks is dying

    Manny on PS5Manny on PS5Oy oldin
  • oh hey Red Nicks. haven’t watched you since the good old bo2 days, how you been ?

    bryanbryanOy oldin
  • 1% Pasta Jack and 1% Dayes?

    Brevon JacksonBrevon JacksonOy oldin
  • has a girl ever won your customs ? I’ve played in a few customs a couple seasons ago but never won😅

    230x985 Blah230x985 BlahOy oldin
  • Nicks views are very bad rn. I think it's time for him to switch to a new game.

    Don't read my channel descriptionDon't read my channel descriptionOy oldin
  • Just looking at your binds make my fingers hurt

    ThatBoyEliThatBoyEliOy oldin
  • I hope everyone has a great life and gets really lucky

    AstroAsylum26AstroAsylum26Oy oldin
  • Bro i just watched a video of his from 2 years ago and i realized that he still got that same cute face 👀😏

  • brooooo i love your customs keep up the good work fuck the haters

    Dyland GamerDyland GamerOy oldin
  • I thought they was banned ? Interesting

    Op ZoowapOp ZoowapOy oldin
  • Noo why the purple background it looks terrible sorry

    XMagnuSXXMagnuSXOy oldin
  • 3:48

    WaypunWaypunOy oldin
  • Your next custom should be only using cuddle fish

    Anthony Is crackedAnthony Is crackedOy oldin
  • I got the code in a got star wand

    Greg LogueGreg LogueOy oldin
  • Bro at 6:54 he hits him for 77 white body shot

    Elite EliElite EliOy oldin
  • Can i get a shout out

    Kane on G FuelKane on G FuelOy oldin
  • Almost forgot to use your support a creator phew😌

    SirNestiepoohSirNestiepoohOy oldin
  • Nick has the weirdest keybinds ever. How does he hit 7&8 fast???

    E xtremLPE xtremLPOy oldin
    • Wondering same thing

      Air TimeAir Time29 kun oldin
  • Do a custom at the old hunters haven or the place right outside lazy lake near the waterfall

    Rylan SmithRylan SmithOy oldin
  • Bro PLEASE do more customs

    Bomberball ElitesBomberball ElitesOy oldin
  • yoo my dude at 3:32 how'd you know it was a heavy sniper? they didn't shoot n how'd ya know they were lookin at yall?🤔

    Dillon ChapmanDillon ChapmanOy oldin
  • Wassup nick

    TacoclapzZ BTWTacoclapzZ BTWOy oldin

    IndigoKunoIndigoKunoOy oldin
  • 1p dayes 1p jack 😃

    MargaretMCMargaretMCOy oldin
  • The customs aren't the same

    naomi nicholsonnaomi nicholsonOy oldin
  • I swear views be dropping

    Amist NexAmist NexOy oldin
  • Nicks solid gold xd

    iFlyTyiFlyTyOy oldin
  • Nicks has aimbot bc he put Twitter thing when he beamed someone

    Rhys MarshallRhys MarshallOy oldin
  • Damn looks like a mcCreamy thumbnail

    REIDYREIDYOy oldin
  • Nick seems high asf lmao

    Jeremiah GuessJeremiah GuessOy oldin
  • I’m first 🤨

    Roman BriarsRoman BriarsOy oldin
  • First defently 😉

    EU qt CloudsEU qt CloudsOy oldin
  • Nicks high?

    crxckBTWcrxckBTWOy oldin
  • I'm 5 hours early......who is early too

    AmreenzAmreenzOy oldin
  • hi

    Flaming DemonFlaming DemonOy oldin
  • I use your code

    Kayden WarburtonKayden WarburtonOy oldin
  • congrats to everyone Who Is Early and Who found this comment

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?Oy oldin
    • So early

      Yahya BilleYahya Bille28 kun oldin
  • A person Who subscribes to me will be richer than nicks guaranteed

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?Oy oldin
  • I Pray Who Ever reads This becomes succesful in Life

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?Oy oldin
  • Yo nicks i hope this comment get give you a lot of energy to keep posting keep up the good work

    Ray WrldRay WrldOy oldin
  • Yo nick the camera on the side is a little big in my opinion, other than that good shit man

    Hydra YTHydra YTOy oldin
  • 9.3k views in 3 hours I remember when he used to get 400k in 3 hrs

    Bankrol VictorBankrol VictorOy oldin
  • This vid is doing so bad bro nicks u gotta get back on the grind bro if u want the new lambo


    KlaawzKlaawzOy oldin
  • What happened to these videos they're kind of trash not going to lie

    BlazzeBlazzeOy oldin

    BlazzeBlazzeOy oldin
  • Ayee Wassupbruh

    Saltz FurySaltz FuryOy oldin
  • Hey Nick! Idk if you’ll read this but if you do, could you please not put if you win or not in the title, it makes it a lot more suspenseful and just all around better. Thanks! Keep up the good work. Love the videos!

    JustinJustinOy oldin
  • I don’t know if I just gotten better your just bad don’t take a offense tho i remember you used to be so good

    NolicNolicOy oldin
  • Lmao low-key a freestyle in the beginning

    HaPpTic ΨHaPpTic ΨOy oldin
  • I thought this was Mccreamy’s video because of the thumbnail

    State MammalState MammalOy oldin
    • Same

      FNCS snowyyFNCS snowyy24 kun oldin
  • I messed up Nick's. I'm back from Bootcamp and A School and spent over $400 on Vbucks and bundles on fortnite and I didn't put any code on for it🤦‍♂️.

    Justin CummingsJustin CummingsOy oldin
  • Your thumbnails are basiclilly mcreamy s

    Cole HoffmanCole HoffmanOy oldin
  • Nick I don’t know why you were acting like you were helping the team you weren’t

    Victor MankeVictor MankeOy oldin
  • I LOvE fOrTnIte!!!!!

    Ian ShawIan ShawOy oldin
  • Love the DC themed squad!

    Kansas TyKansas TyOy oldin
  • 1 game only 😭 I appreciate him uploading tho

    David TrianaDavid TrianaOy oldin
  • i Havent seen you in a while hyped to se the vids fo shooo

    Maxlink EMaxlink EOy oldin
  • “Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance".....

    Mr X13Mr X13Oy oldin
  • You're getting old nicks

    CameronCameronOy oldin
  • Claim here before 1 hour ticket💥

    Noah PaxtonNoah PaxtonOy oldin
  • Can someone please gift me I only have battle bad and two pack my epic parkerboss

    Parker BlockParker BlockOy oldin
  • only gay people can see this /h1>

    Twitch_meamea123Twitch_meamea123Oy oldin
  • Noti gang

    lucaduderlucaduderOy oldin
  • Aye lesss goooooo

    Jahlani BrownJahlani BrownOy oldin
  • **Playing Solid GOLD** Nicks: “He’s got a heavy sniper. A gold one.” Ah yes, the floor is made out of floor

    ArctiisVFXArctiisVFXOy oldin
    • Lol

      B HB HOy oldin
    • @Plazma

      TipzyTipzyOy oldin
    • Omfg

      PlazmaPlazmaOy oldin
  • WOW

  • -Nice crack in your phone going through my comment-

    The TurtleclanThe TurtleclanOy oldin
  • Happy to see the daily upload again☺️☺️

    Clix_NitroClix_NitroOy oldin
  • U kid me my teammates killed u tho we won why did u not add us

    TTVKid 64TTVKid 64Oy oldin
  • That was me

    TTVKid 64TTVKid 64Oy oldin
  • When I’m actually early to a nicks custom vid

    slite1xslite1xOy oldin
  • Video idea: do a car race around the map but u can have only a pistol and heals

    SammerSammerOy oldin
    • So like Mario cart

      TrxlyTrxlyOy oldin
  • Sup

    Cheater swayz son LOLCheater swayz son LOLOy oldin
  • *Gamers : Oh my goodness .... "**BuCin.BeSt**" First for life getting v bucks* I am sure and I am not dreaming, OMG 完美的 "Me : yeah, you're right, and I experienced it too.

    Nicholas DowningNicholas DowningOy oldin
  • He put the TWITTER ACCOUNT there on purpose 😡🤬

    Kameren McFaddenKameren McFaddenOy oldin

    Roman RodriguezRoman RodriguezOy oldin
  • 3:34 nick says he has a “gold” heavy sniper when it’s solid gold

    Kaden LakeKaden LakeOy oldin
    • I saw that lol

      Neo playzNeo playzOy oldin
  • Fortnite does not feel like good anymore we need old fortnite

    Evan TubeEvan TubeOy oldin
  • 16 minute gang😂😂

    Tyler CochranTyler CochranOy oldin

    ریالϡ: Sensational ɒĚÅɫĦ VibesϚ:ریالریالϡ: Sensational ɒĚÅɫĦ VibesϚ:ریالOy oldin

    KaiKaiOy oldin
  • Came in one 420 like that calls for a hit off my wax cart

    kevin floreskevin floresOy oldin
    • Likes*

      kevin floreskevin floresOy oldin
  • Nick wassup

    Shawn AndersonShawn AndersonOy oldin
  • ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿ

    sssniper dogsssniper dogOy oldin
    • poggers

      jo mommajo mommaOy oldin
    • That’s ␈

      ㄒㄖҜㄚㄖㄒㄖҜㄚㄖOy oldin
    • can Zzz

      Tranko on ytTranko on ytOy oldin
    • Missing the T G

      Venge 25Venge 25Oy oldin
    • XD

      Pro HPro HOy oldin
  • Nice job

    Xxxtentacion MusicXxxtentacion MusicOy oldin