I Tried the SEASON 1 Stairway to Heaven in Fortnite! (4 YEARS LATER)

22-Apr, 2021
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We Tried the Stairway to Heaven in Fortnite! (4 YEARS LATER)
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  • I swear for the last one he threw on purpose

  • how come everytime i watch a nicks video its on 69k views???

    shadow シャドウshadow シャドウ5 kun oldin
  • Dayes and pasta are like brothers and nicks is the dad lmao 🤣😂

    MasonMason10 kun oldin
  • 9:45 your gonna die to a Wooooof

    Ξ1T CHΞΞRIOΞ1T CHΞΞRIO13 kun oldin
  • Should of kept a chicken with you

    Luis TorresLuis Torres14 kun oldin
  • When he edited them down they fell because Jack phased through the floor

    qt xyrohqt xyroh16 kun oldin
  • Because jack was phase throw the half whole

    dante Laforgesdante Laforges17 kun oldin
  • pasta jack had the floor fazed, that’s how u fell through

    Caleb OwenCaleb Owen18 kun oldin
  • Btw, the reason why u guys fell first game was because pasta jack was phasing through the part that sticks up so you all fell down

    CycloneCyclone19 kun oldin
  • Pasta jack fazed it

    LFG92LFG9219 kun oldin

    the gamer noobs2000the gamer noobs200019 kun oldin
  • Follow xpwreck on twitch he killed nicks in this video

    SynxyySynxyy20 kun oldin
  • Pasta jack was fazing the build so you all fell through the build.

    QK NullifyQK Nullify20 kun oldin
  • if yall ain't know how much 100 yen is, its 10 dollars

    Eroma ReaperEroma Reaper20 kun oldin
  • wasd

    Eroma ReaperEroma Reaper20 kun oldin
  • Dayes is dead to a WOOF 🐶

    Sort of SustainableSort of Sustainable20 kun oldin
  • 100 yen is the cost of 1 dollar so yeah nicks like my comment im smartest person in comments

    b3nasaurus rexb3nasaurus rex21 kun oldin
  • imagine not nowing how to count years its been 3 years stupid

    b3nasaurus rexb3nasaurus rex21 kun oldin
  • What is ur twitch channel?

    gonna be GAMINGgonna be GAMING21 kun oldin
  • The reason u phased was bc pasta jack was walking through it so it phased everyone down

    KatanaKatana21 kun oldin
  • them memes are goin as hard as my coc

    omishFNomishFN21 kun oldin
  • Pasta jack was standing in the middle of the floor u edit which caused the floor to edit

    Ex ScarEx Scar21 kun oldin
  • why don’t u run skulltrooper anymore

    Cole VioliCole Violi21 kun oldin
  • The way they fell is because when he edited it Jack fazed the rail which made it basically not there Edit: that's why when he edits it turns yellowish orange

    Troy CribbTroy Cribb21 kun oldin
  • You guys fell because some one fazed it

    Slice YtSlice Yt21 kun oldin
  • Poggers when you live on twitch

    WPrinceWPrince21 kun oldin
  • Costumes back?

    Jamil KabeityJamil Kabeity22 kun oldin
  • Why isnt this trend dead yet? Its not doing a challenge from 4 years ago. Its doing a trend that is long overdue.

    AntonioTheDudeAntonioTheDude22 kun oldin
  • Yooooooooooooo havnt watched you in maybe a year good to see your doing good

    Aoi fnAoi fn22 kun oldin
  • you fell through the floor because pasta jack fased where the wall was and you all fell through

    mars8610 mars8610mars8610 mars861022 kun oldin
  • I like how when pasta jack phases the floor it’s fortnites fault

    perqz zyvicperqz zyvic22 kun oldin
  • the reason you fell in the first game was because Jack was phasing

    jamez_ on_onlyfansjamez_ on_onlyfans22 kun oldin
  • You fell cause he was in the wall

    Dep TrepDep Trep22 kun oldin
  • Jack was fazing through the little wall on the floor then all you guys fell

    ItzWolllyItzWollly22 kun oldin
  • Bc jack was in the wall

    #AssentSpoxz#AssentSpoxz23 kun oldin
  • 9:40 "Days is dead to a WOOF"


  • The Reason you fell is because jack was on the wall part so it wasnt solid soooo well u know

  • Need a third for Fcns if u could help us out it would be cool we can make the top 150 just placement an a kill here or there we need somebody to come drop like 10 kills throughout the whole tournament

    Jonathon HoffmanJonathon Hoffman23 kun oldin
  • Nick's I need your help bro

    Jonathon HoffmanJonathon Hoffman23 kun oldin
  • They do be stupid though

    Damn HarryDamn Harry23 kun oldin
  • He fell bc one of the was razes through it

    slappy FNslappy FN23 kun oldin
  • 3milion subs and 40k views

    Spe4r L2GuySpe4r L2Guy23 kun oldin
  • @Nicks it's because pasta-jack was standing in the middle of the floor

    Mickey100kMickey100k23 kun oldin
  • Its pata fault because he went in beetween. The floor

    Ayman GharirAyman Gharir23 kun oldin
  • i was the 3 k like

    Justin And AdamJustin And Adam23 kun oldin
  • ^ , ^

    DivheriDivheri23 kun oldin
  • Times nicks said 100%: 15,000

    Safa HeheSafa Hehe23 kun oldin
  • You did edit it right but Dayes was inside the new builds so it was like he fased in it which means the floor wasn’t rlly there that’s why y’all fell !

    Slime BloodSlime Blood23 kun oldin
  • Jack fazed through the part of the floor that was sticking up so u all fazed through it.

    not todaynot today23 kun oldin
  • You all fell cause the floor got fazed

    Christopher McCaulChristopher McCaul23 kun oldin
  • One of them phased the floor

    Joe KaminetskyJoe Kaminetsky24 kun oldin
  • This is how many times Nicks said 100% 👇

    Georg KourGeorg Kour24 kun oldin
  • Bruh when he said “he’s gonna die to a woof” that gave me OCD like it’s “wolf” luv ur vids tho

    DavDog 07DavDog 0724 kun oldin
  • hey guys if you are seeing this is would mean alot to me if you could go sub to my channel to help a small channel grow thanks!

    Scope tunaScope tuna24 kun oldin
  • It’s cause walked as soon as you edited the floor

    xoJar3dxoJar3d24 kun oldin
  • @Nicks he Fazed through that little wall causing y’all to all fall through

    Polo g the chosen 1Polo g the chosen 124 kun oldin
    • @YUso_mad lol

      Polo g the chosen 1Polo g the chosen 121 kun oldin
    • Been looking for this comment 😂💀

      YUso_madYUso_mad21 kun oldin
  • wasn’t pasta jack a squeaker like just last summer?

    OnmygrannykidsOnmygrannykids24 kun oldin
  • Jack fazed the floor

    lazarlazarspaceonps4 epicusernamelazarlazarspaceonps4 epicusername24 kun oldin
  • who else saw that lama???

    fenzyfenzy24 kun oldin
  • It’s because one fazed so you can go through it

    Milo MMilo M24 kun oldin
  • pasta jack made the build go yellow and u guys all fell thru

    sweaty SHORTSsweaty SHORTS24 kun oldin
  • damn I haven’t seen you in my recommended in like 4 months what happened man😔

    Christopher HernandezChristopher Hernandez24 kun oldin
    • mistah twistaa it’s not search it up

      SIQ_Z_BhadSIQ_Z_Bhad22 kun oldin
    • fortnite is dead thats what happened

      mistah twistaamistah twistaa24 kun oldin
  • Y'all fell from the first skybase bc Jack was walking forward, which forced the entire floor to phase and you all fell!

    Yash GuptaYash Gupta24 kun oldin
  • jack fazed the floor that is how they fell through

    libralibra24 kun oldin
  • Dayes is dead to a woof

    Joshua B GamesJoshua B Games24 kun oldin
  • Pasta Jack fazed through the wall part of the floor and than y'all all fell

    KingѰKingѰ24 kun oldin
  • On the first stairway to heaven jack was in the wall therefore the floor phased and they all fell through

    Echiro 24Echiro 2424 kun oldin
  • Dayes fazed the other side so that why everyone fell through

    De’Neil BrandonDe’Neil Brandon24 kun oldin
  • 6:10 jack fazed the build so everyone fell

    SheeezSheeez24 kun oldin
    • Yea

      Adrian CoronaAdrian Corona23 kun oldin
  • Nicks you phased through because pasta jack was in the mini wall of the floor

    Mythical gamerMythical gamer24 kun oldin
  • if you build in a way so that when you build someone is stuck in the edit, the edit has no collision the way you edited it the other guy was glitched inside of the floor when you edit it so someone else gets stuck in it, you just go rigt through it until whoever is stuck in it gets off or out of it this can be easily abused with stairs to get easy pump shots

    gavvoplayzgavvoplayz24 kun oldin
  • Only people Who didnt Come from tiktok are worthy liking this have

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?24 kun oldin
  • I pray Who ever reads this becomes succesful in Life

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?24 kun oldin
  • Half time of vid u were mad cuz u edited but pasta jack was inside the floor u edited which made u all faze through

    WSOTL R3PL4YZWSOTL R3PL4YZ24 kun oldin
  • This is called skybase 🤣

    logosas ltulogosas ltu24 kun oldin
  • Nicks can’t be in 1 percent, the only thing he talks about is 100 percent...

    KBKB24 kun oldin
    • Lol

      nirmala bhaukanirmala bhauka23 kun oldin
  • you should not have fell

    RyZeツRyZeツ24 kun oldin
  • 🧦👁👄👁

    ctzwervosctzwervos24 kun oldin
  • Favorite vid

    Jeffrey CollerJeffrey Coller24 kun oldin
  • Red nicks boi if ur oh I know what I’m talking About

    Young YapperYoung Yapper24 kun oldin
  • It was pasta jack fazed through the side of the stairs

    Team SupremeTeam Supreme24 kun oldin
  • They fell the first time Bc jack was fazing through the wall on the floor edit

    CTB ChxinsCTB Chxins24 kun oldin
  • Nicks u fell threw the first game cause jack fazed threw it

    Rew1nd ElvRew1nd Elv24 kun oldin
  • Yo Nick's the reason why u fell bc pasta Jacks was in side the wall which makes u fall with cause it makes it so u fall cause he was thru it lol

    JoJo ScheetzJoJo Scheetz24 kun oldin
    • Yea

      Adrian CoronaAdrian Corona23 kun oldin
  • Nicks editing down the sky base Nicks lol

    JoJo ScheetzJoJo Scheetz24 kun oldin
  • It was because dayes was inside the part you edited because he was moving towards it

    Cathy EganCathy Egan24 kun oldin
  • The way you fell through was the half wall on the floor someone was in so you fazed through the floor see how it was yellow that means y’all fazed

    BRUH FAZERBRUH FAZER24 kun oldin
    • I’m a fortnite nerd

      BRUH FAZERBRUH FAZER24 kun oldin
  • When you edited it they were in the wall which makes you go through it.

    Mr WhaleMr Whale24 kun oldin
  • They just wanted to dip....

    iFlyTyiFlyTy24 kun oldin
  • Shit its been 4 years since the first time I've seen you

    zSmTxzSmTx24 kun oldin
  • What's that song name at 0:16?

    FrostyFrosty24 kun oldin
  • you fell because days was fazing the floor's wall

    Anto FanourakisAnto Fanourakis24 kun oldin
  • Is it even possible to blow up from a comment? 😂

    ProcesifyProcesify24 kun oldin
    • No.

      Bomberball ElitesBomberball Elites24 kun oldin
  • Go back 5 years when you played cod now that's what we really want

    PULSEPULSE24 kun oldin
    • facts

      JEXJEX24 kun oldin
  • Finally good content our old nicks is back!!!! Be sure to make more awesome content

    Durga A ManojDurga A Manoj24 kun oldin
  • If you ever feel hated remember that Primal Shotgun’s like me exist ❌

    Frogify ❶Frogify ❶24 kun oldin
  • Bro his videos are so funnyyyyyyyyyy😂😂

    Faze ArsenalFaze Arsenal24 kun oldin
  • Do it on playground mode

    johnblurayjohnbluray24 kun oldin
  • What kind of video is this

    NLE Aka NBANLE Aka NBA24 kun oldin