I hosted a custom for the TIER 100 BATTLE PASS SKIN! (intense)

20-Mar, 2021
70 907 Ko‘rishlar soni

I hosted a custom for the TIER 100 BATTLE PASS SKIN! (intense)
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  • 4:05 🤣

    Karrel MarroquinKarrel Marroquin12 kun oldin
  • Realm royal

    clicked FNツclicked FNツ28 kun oldin
  • Realm Royale

    -AstroBRツ-AstroBRツ29 kun oldin
  • Ream Royale is the game

    NM_VerxcyNM_VerxcyOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    KnobblysKnobblysOy oldin
  • Real royale

    WvrWvrOy oldin
  • I thought you were dead 😭

    SpexzSpexzOy oldin
  • I have not seen this guy for like 5 months I used to get up 6 watch nick and then go to school

    DentalSkink 76DentalSkink 76Oy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Gunnar ZinnGunnar ZinnOy oldin
  • My guy look like nickmercs

    Celia GuerreroCelia GuerreroOy oldin
  • 3:15 Relam royal

    Xxfe4rsxX .2Xxfe4rsxX .2Oy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    ilyTreatifyilyTreatifyOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Yaboy AskewYaboy AskewOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Toxic -Toxic -Oy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Trey BrewerTrey BrewerOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Zesty BBZesty BBOy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    ItzNiteItzNiteOy oldin
  • Realm royale brotha

    Clapz llClapz llOy oldin
  • Realms royal

    Drew WDrew WOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Jermaine DobyJermaine DobyOy oldin
  • We love nicks💙

    darkbomerdarkbomerOy oldin
  • What is his discord I want to play customs

    moviesmoviesOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Go4llGo4llOy oldin
  • the game with the chickens is Realm Royale

    Philippians4-13Philippians4-13Oy oldin
  • @Nicks u should vlog ur gym workout 🏋️‍♀️

    Mario BatresMario BatresOy oldin
  • It’s called realm Royale 😂

    Nicholas SpinelliNicholas SpinelliOy oldin
  • The games called Realm Royale

    ChubbyWubbz QtChubbyWubbz QtOy oldin
  • *”this is the thing u need.” **BuCin.BeSt** ”Am I right?”* 完美的 God bless you forever

    RDX _MidasRDX _MidasOy oldin
  • *”this is the thing u need.” **BuCin.BeSt** ”Am I right?”* 完美的 God bless you forever

    Louie AdvinculaLouie AdvinculaOy oldin
  • 3:17 realm Royale

    Bliq ツBliq ツOy oldin
  • Realm royals he means

    SadchainsSadchainsOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Brady MimsBrady MimsOy oldin
  • Nick you were talking about Realm Royale

    BrenanBrenanOy oldin
  • 3:08 the game is realm royale

    KepselKepselOy oldin
  • Realm Royale😏

    GremlinGremlinOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Jessica BosmaJessica BosmaOy oldin

    KadoohKadoohOy oldin
  • Nick the game is called "realm royal"

    babyboybabyboyOy oldin
  • The games is calld realm royal

    Marvin OrnelasMarvin OrnelasOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Jayden wrightJayden wrightOy oldin
  • It was realm royalr

    Atk LigmaAtk LigmaOy oldin
  • realm royals

    DokzzDokzzOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    Plukzy MartinezPlukzy MartinezOy oldin
  • Realm royal is the game where you turn to chicken

    IllygillyIllygillyOy oldin
  • nick, the name of the game is realm royale.

    AnglestikAnglestikOy oldin
  • Did you move again to a new place room looks different? Hope you’ve saved some UZworld money looks like channel is dying no offense

    Austin BlevinsAustin BlevinsOy oldin
  • Only 50 k views dang u fell off

    Austin BlevinsAustin BlevinsOy oldin
  • The game is realms royals

    Elais TTVElais TTVOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    RG Mybro YTRG Mybro YTOy oldin
  • Plzzz play more fort it plz love the vids do much or do what you love

    Van ScharffVan ScharffOy oldin
  • Relme royal I play It

    x games modex games modeOy oldin
  • yea realm royale

    Asher NicholsAsher NicholsOy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    Dark_blxcksDark_blxcksOy oldin
  • Realm royal @nicks

    DarxfnDarxfnOy oldin
  • The game is realm royale

    Brody EvansBrody EvansOy oldin
  • He back

    Harry FurnessHarry FurnessOy oldin
  • Realm royale is the one that u turn into chickens

    SlapzySlapzyOy oldin
  • Realm royal

  • Realm royal

    shaq乂shaq乂Oy oldin
  • 6:08... i think you mean optimistic

    Ct-CloudCt-CloudOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    SoAm AdynSoAm AdynOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Jaxon BarefootJaxon BarefootOy oldin
  • you looklike the boys dad from gears of war

    NGSnazzyNGSnazzyOy oldin
  • Nick it’s realm royal

    Ckzy XCkzy XOy oldin
  • relm royale

    Carrie BakkerCarrie BakkerOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    IG fearIG fearOy oldin
  • I stopped playing Fortnite in Season 2 Chapter 2 or whenever the water flooded the map never played since I only like watching it just to save the pain lmao 😂

    MargaretMCMargaretMCOy oldin
  • Realm royal 😌😌😌

    xforLoveordeathxforLoveordeathOy oldin
  • Ayyyye I’m back I haven’t watched you in a while

    FLURPxFLURPxOy oldin
  • Hey it’s gungunfabi

    Daddy ChillDaddy ChillOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Gold Squad 4lifeGold Squad 4lifeOy oldin
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    BKpets0BKpets0Oy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    BrxtnBrxtnOy oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/f6DNl6yvnajBnIw

    Hogo FogoHogo FogoOy oldin
  • realm royale

    Bret WeidmanBret WeidmanOy oldin
  • Finally

    Hooker Bro'sHooker Bro'sOy oldin
  • nick is an honest guy ngl

    SHAZ HamZaSHAZ HamZaOy oldin
  • the game is called ralm royale

    zezo jrzezo jrOy oldin
  • doesn’t Nicks have a discord?

    myst zorbmyst zorbOy oldin
  • the game name is realm royal i have that

    Simon ÅkerblomSimon ÅkerblomOy oldin
  • fortnite is officially dead

    Terrance MensahTerrance MensahOy oldin
  • Realm royal

    ScottSDScottSDOy oldin
  • realm royal btw

    fenzyfenzyOy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Ethan MEthan MOy oldin
  • Mannn i havent seen this guy since 2018 until today i randomly thought about him and started trying to remember his yt for 20 minutes and im glad i was able to find him and i am so proud sadly i have fallen out fortnite and started watching anime and k-dramas and k-pop but that- idk why i typed that but whatever 😀😃 anyways i am really proud of how far he’s gotten and sh*t im starting to tear up from the memories of me LITERALLY WHEEZING AT HIS VIDEOS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT 😫😫👏🏻

    YoyoyeoolYoyoyeoolOy oldin
  • im the guy in discord '_'

    ScrappyBTWScrappyBTWOy oldin
  • He was talkin abt realm royale

    Ryan 4 RansomRyan 4 RansomOy oldin
  • I like how nicks is calling the guns bad when they are actually OVERPOWERED

    SaVioR PlaysSaVioR PlaysOy oldin
    • whats his discord i cant find it

      Ben LevavBen LevavOy oldin
    • And overpowered isn’t always good it’s just gonna be abused by the dogshit players it isn’t good there is limits and epic broke those limits

      Xyle SlapsXyle SlapsOy oldin
  • It was realm royal

    Memes *Lol*Memes *Lol*Oy oldin
  • Realm royale

    Fly HighFly HighOy oldin
  • Ya it’s realm Royale

    Matthew VanBlaricomMatthew VanBlaricomOy oldin
  • Realm royal is were u turn into a chicken

    Mike DiattaMike DiattaOy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    RitzX2RitzX2Oy oldin
  • realm royal

    3am Blane.3am Blane.Oy oldin

    Lee TurnerLee TurnerOy oldin
  • Realm Royale

    DustyDustyOy oldin
  • Nicks with the old school dancing

    ziziOy oldin
  • The game you was talking about is Realm Royale =))

    Alina Felicia NegoițăAlina Felicia NegoițăOy oldin
    • am I the best mobile editor ever 🥺🖤

      maria yummymaria yummyOy oldin
  • It was Realm Royale

    Chris BoydChris BoydOy oldin
    • @maria yummy Sure i guess add me my epic is 1pchris and we can see

      Chris BoydChris BoydOy oldin
    • am I the best mobile editor ever 🥺🖤

      maria yummymaria yummyOy oldin
  • i just want nick to call me his little nicker one last time....

    Dylan PattersonDylan PattersonOy oldin
    • am I the best mobile editor ever 🥺🖤

      maria yummymaria yummyOy oldin