I got 100 Players to ONLY Land at BONEY BURBS... (NEW TILTED TOWERS)

24-Mar, 2021
93 957 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Abduh lmfaooo I love nick btw it’s “Abdee”

    #AssentSpoxz#AssentSpoxz20 kun oldin
  • Is anybody gonna tell this man that’s not The way you say Abde lmao

    Jasmine WonderssJasmine Wonderss27 kun oldin
  • Bro nick is a drone🐈‍⬛👈

    Frank savstaFrank savstaOy oldin
  • Pls bring back the customs

    Parker DavesParker DavesOy oldin
  • Nicks really asked if uli was a girl LMAO

    Jeremy ThomasJeremy ThomasOy oldin
  • You should do a Dorito build only challenge custom

    toxxik noodletoxxik noodleOy oldin
  • YEAHH BOIII U DOING IT AGAIN YESSS I WILL SUB AGAIn sorry for unsubbing and i will watch again

    Aayan AnwarAayan AnwarOy oldin
  • I’m pretty sure 8months ago you said your not going to do customs no more

    Jorge Barajas ReyesJorge Barajas ReyesOy oldin
  • Can you do camp cod plz it would be so fun

    Keegan TullyKeegan TullyOy oldin
  • W

    Whois XotiicWhois XotiicOy oldin
  • Nicks: I got 100 fans to land at boney burbs Top right: 64

  • I honestly dont care if i get "bullied" by the "BOIZ ❄🥶😎" for posting this but i have to say it, JUST SAY THEY ITS NOT THAT HARD PLS I BEG OF YOU I CRINGE EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS HE OR SHE PLSSS

    marion lindnermarion lindnerOy oldin
  • Bro I used to binge watch nicks every morning b4 everyone in my house waked up, just watching his 100 player customs made my day :)

    Arputham SiluvaimaniArputham SiluvaimaniOy oldin
  • Like a subscribe for 69 years of good luck

    Braden MortonBraden MortonOy oldin
  • i subbed

    LORD f1n1sherLORD f1n1sherOy oldin
  • is that nickmercs

    Ghostaco 41Ghostaco 41Oy oldin
  • Bro I have been here since RED

    AdxmIsAfricanAdxmIsAfricanOy oldin
  • How do I get notified every time he does this?

    O&DumbO&DumbOy oldin
  • Yo nick

    lecko youtubelecko youtubeOy oldin
  • not him thinking uli was a girl-

    jaynvhjaynvhOy oldin
  • Can’t join your server

  • *EXTRAORDINARY .... ”this is the thing u need.” **BuCin.BeSt** ”Am I right?” 完美的 God bless you forever*

    Nicholas DowningNicholas DowningOy oldin
  • My God this channrl is dead, guy thought he could play whatever he wanted and not upload, didnt realise fortnite made him and among us aint gonna live forever

    LuxxiorLuxxiorOy oldin
    • @Solar yeah that might be true but he’s right he stopped uploading in response his views went down because previous viewers just got less interested and just stopped watching

      Light OooLight OooOy oldin
    • Dude why u got to spread negativity ur just jealous he has made 10x more money then ur entire family ur just jealous

      SolarSolarOy oldin
  • *EXTRAORDINARY .... ”this is the thing u need.” **BuCin.BeSt** ”Am I right?” 完美的 God bless you forever*

    Timothy V. ManningTimothy V. ManningOy oldin
  • It’s good the discord’s going to stop the griefers, but what about the content?

    calzonicalzoniOy oldin
  • Bro Im GOOST from the Greative Fill :)

    GoostGoostOy oldin
  • Day 1 of me try to get nicks to say chicken nuggets in his intro this is gonna take a while

    Joshgamerboy GamerJoshgamerboy GamerOy oldin
  • Nicks I got banned from your discord for something i didn't do it said that i cussed and said the n word when id didnt

    Youtuber IdkYoutuber IdkOy oldin
  • It says that your discord link is invalid?

    SypheSypheOy oldin
  • Get closer to God stay safe and learn more Read the Bible and learn more about God and his word. Thank God at all time, GOD IS 👍🏾 Remember God makes all things possible, and everyone and everything better when the time is right

    OMGitzKBOMGitzKBOy oldin
  • what is the music from brooooooo!

    Justin IIIJustin IIIOy oldin
  • Discord customs oh yea I got banned let me make alts rq ok lets get griefing

    999 rxbbit999 rxbbitOy oldin

    SovySovyOy oldin

    SovySovyOy oldin

    SovySovyOy oldin

    SovySovyOy oldin
  • I havnt watched nick in months I forgot how much of a goat he is

    Deegan BubolzDeegan BubolzOy oldin
  • @nicks the link doesnt wrk for me

    NRG PastaFearNRG PastaFearOy oldin
  • @Nicks the discord is expired

    Nerves OnlyNerves OnlyOy oldin
  • we need a valorant vid from nick honestly

    Pickle BlakePickle BlakeOy oldin
  • Why is he so shit though

    Bill BoyBill BoyOy oldin
  • Discord link expired and I wanna join

    JayPizzaRollsJayPizzaRollsOy oldin
  • Spades has performance mode on where you can kind of see through bushes

  • I finally one

    back spaceback spaceOy oldin
  • what time will the customs be

    spxdyyspxdyyOy oldin
  • The invite link does not work

    Eline DefauxEline DefauxOy oldin
  • Nicks knowing he can’t ban the cheaters 😂😂

    JC CorneilleJC CorneilleOy oldin
  • 6:42 nick thought he got a fishing pole out of a box of fruit when it was actually with him the whole time when he killed that guy

    Lightning AdamLightning AdamOy oldin
  • How do you find out the code for each game?

    King SamKing SamOy oldin
  • What time you usually do customs

    drxpswrlddrxpswrldOy oldin
  • Bring back daily uploads !!!

    Nicholas FykeNicholas FykeOy oldin
  • Lol he already had the fishing pole

    SG StefanSG StefanOy oldin
  • It’s ABDEEE not abdu

    SG StefanSG StefanOy oldin
  • Who remembers nicks old intro whats crack a lacking my little *delay* nick ers hope yall are havin a great day.

    syverse EXsyverse EXOy oldin
  • My mom said she wasn't gonna buy me any merch :(

    Solar FrxstyySolar FrxstyyOy oldin
  • The discord thing wxpired

    RAPT3RツRAPT3RツOy oldin

    river holidayriver holidayOy oldin
  • pretty sure princess ulicat is Uli

    ToxifyFNToxifyFNOy oldin
  • What do u win

    itsruderitsruderOy oldin
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    Omer AupoOmer AupoOy oldin
  • I love these

    JHunter 19 gamingJHunter 19 gamingOy oldin
  • Hey nick could you make. A valorant video i think it would be sick ngl

    Delay rlDelay rlOy oldin
  • Nicks it's not letting me join your discord

    Jacob St JohnJacob St JohnOy oldin
  • Just copped the merch lets get itt

    Tdy CyrTdy CyrOy oldin
  • The discord link dont work

    Geovanni MorenoGeovanni MorenoOy oldin
  • If you talk to the agent it gives you free stuff

    Logan MoodyLogan MoodyOy oldin
  • R those ur real keybinds N I C K 5

    EzraB EpicEzraB EpicOy oldin
  • The had the fishing pool

    Banana KingBanana KingOy oldin
  • Valorant vid

    ZynZynOy oldin
  • I used to be in Nick's discord server, but I left, and when I try to join again, the server link is invalid. Is anybody else having this same peculiar problem?

    Kenzy PiersaintKenzy PiersaintOy oldin
  • Nick pls start posting more of these they are really entertaining

    TrippleTactic_TrippleTactic_Oy oldin
  • What’s the outro song?

  • Please do customs today

    Collide EdogCollide EdogOy oldin
  • You need to get a new link in discord for next video

    Collide_ Jaxx 乂Collide_ Jaxx 乂Oy oldin
  • yes sir

    ʎddıɹʇ †ツ¿ʎddıɹʇ †ツ¿Oy oldin
  • I can’t get into the discord

    The ZoneThe ZoneOy oldin
  • Yo nicks btw Abde isn’t pernaunsed ahhbdehh it’s aaab. Deee

    ZarbyΨツメZarbyΨツメOy oldin
  • he back

    Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Oy oldin
  • nick the discord invite expired

    chuckon60fpschuckon60fpsOy oldin
  • His views 📉📉📉

    Noah RosenbergerNoah RosenbergerOy oldin
  • the discord link no work

    ShaoryxShaoryxOy oldin
  • 1:37 what is that song?

    TimeDimeTimeDimeOy oldin
  • I need the twitch streams to come back 😔

    KykleKykleOy oldin
  • Love the vids. Keep up the work 💪❤

    Kyle MKyle MOy oldin
  • He thought he got the fishing rod out of a fruit box 😂😂

    CrankerCrankerOy oldin
    • Ikr 😅

      RABSMCDRABSMCD6 kun oldin
  • Nick the discord link is invalid! I can’t join :(

    iiYunG_GoDiiYunG_GoDOy oldin

    Ghost38 dark95Ghost38 dark95Oy oldin
  • I don’t have discord 😭

    Cole HardyCole HardyOy oldin
  • the discord link is not working

    UnspokenUnspokenOy oldin
  • Can somebody please gift me the SnakeEyes skin, if you gift me and join my lobby, i Will gift you back.

    Kyllian SlabbekoornKyllian SlabbekoornOy oldin
  • Remember when he would shout out something of theirs no no he doesn't do that anymore for some reason y?

    BlazzeBlazzeOy oldin
  • Can we get one moment of silence for one percents ping

    Tobias KohlerTobias KohlerOy oldin
  • 6:45 lol he always had the fishing rod

    Ayaan AhmedAyaan AhmedOy oldin
  • Why DOESNT his discord code work?

    Ayaan AhmedAyaan AhmedOy oldin
  • How do i play in this?

    Juan manuel Parra cardenasJuan manuel Parra cardenasOy oldin
  • Nicks ur discord link don’t work for me 😔

    Drixzzy 1Drixzzy 1Oy oldin
  • We got “ aBdEY”

    Monica _Monica _Oy oldin
  • YESSIRRR my merch came in! I'm So exited!!!

    ThatDumbChickenThatDumbChickenOy oldin
  • Hey Nick I love these videos and it is probably more fun to do with 60 people but it’s more fun with 100 people to watch

    JB TimeJB TimeOy oldin
  • i think its pronounced "ABdy

    MogawtfMogawtfOy oldin