I Got 100 Fans to ONLY Land at the SPIRE... (I WON!)

7-Apr, 2021
119 444 Ko‘rishlar soni

I Got 100 Fans to Only Land at the SPIRE... (I WON!)
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  • Can you not say if you win or not plz Get the viral so Nick can see this

    Happy FeetHappy Feet2 kun oldin
  • Hide and seek extreme

    SkippySkippy10 kun oldin
  • I won it the title spoils everything 😂

    StabathStabath12 kun oldin
  • Customer key

    John JohnJohn John15 kun oldin
  • 2:20

    EliNess IVEliNess IV20 kun oldin
  • I’ve been watching since 20,000 subs

    Golden PaulusGolden Paulus26 kun oldin
  • Bring back b02

    Golden PaulusGolden Paulus26 kun oldin
  • makeshift only customs

    geb maninigeb manini29 kun oldin
  • Nicks is still my fav in 1%

    StarxyStarxyOy oldin
  • Custom idea : everyone gets in a car and you have to keep driving until you run out of gas and once your out of gas you can’t get out of the car yo I have t I stay in it last one alive wins

    Bug MunizBug MunizOy oldin
  • Yo has nick always had this good of ping

    Dylan McGeheeDylan McGeheeOy oldin
  • Do 100 players land at camp canoe

    Mateo AckerMateo AckerOy oldin
  • how about logjam

    Jack PeayJack PeayOy oldin
  • Do everybody has to have a car

    Caleb florsCaleb florsOy oldin
  • He’s were my pfp let’s gooo

    SnxyyVFXSnxyyVFXOy oldin
  • You did not win click bait

    Evan PerezEvan PerezOy oldin
  • Only using gray guns .

    Spaz FnSpaz FnOy oldin
  • his likes went down no cap

    STZ xnyxSTZ xnyxOy oldin
  • Day one of trying to get famous from commenting

    CelyFNCelyFNOy oldin
  • Custom idea vegetable and fruit heals only and no killing till 3rd zone

    RussiaRussiaOy oldin
  • Pickaxe only custom He won't see this:(

    frick mefrick meOy oldin
  • Idea: you can only land at the spire poi’s that have the ball and the first person to get the boots wins

    Steven LaverySteven LaveryOy oldin
  • Video idea: You must land at A spire, the spire or the small ones and you cant leave them

    Use code Bounzy-_Use code Bounzy-_Oy oldin
  • Pasta jack is always in nicks customs

    KiwiLad 1975KiwiLad 1975Oy oldin
  • My boy do be needing a haircut

    Panda RocksPanda RocksOy oldin

    Oliver bergheimOliver bergheimOy oldin
  • 100 players land at flush factory ( I would love to see this)

    Aiden RileyAiden RileyOy oldin
  • Picaxe only bow only no builds

    alison taplinalison taplinOy oldin
  • Hi

    CGTWildCatCGTWildCatOy oldin
  • Follow me on Insta @hype.kaos

    AndreAndreOy oldin
  • do last to land

    colin careycolin careyOy oldin
  • Jesus is lord

    RNG C0MPRNG C0MPOy oldin
  • my channel is just llike yr DEAD

  • His forehead is BUSTED

    michael toddmichael toddOy oldin
  • pov: spire assasin won lol

    Captain Galaxy_YTCaptain Galaxy_YTOy oldin
  • custom idea: tell them to put on 1 of 4 colors as their skin assign each color to a corner of the map and have all four teams fight

    merkmerkOy oldin
  • Pistols only

    Trevor BallTrevor BallOy oldin
  • I love how he just flexed his muscles 💪🏽

    Beam NoBroBeam NoBroOy oldin
  • Nick's rocking the Sypher pk hair look 😆🧐

    Theo KalitozeeTheo KalitozeeOy oldin
  • Lazy that was good

    Baseball Dude 12Baseball Dude 12Oy oldin
  • You should do a super hero only custom but they have to use one percent colors only

    Frosty_ CloudzFrosty_ CloudzOy oldin
  • Land only light house

    FAZe GBOY youtubeFAZe GBOY youtubeOy oldin
  • CUSTOM IDEA!!! : Europe vs America 50vs50

    Cherrybois on ytCherrybois on ytOy oldin
  • Do 100 players at the apple orchard

    ZqwniZqwniOy oldin
  • Last to land at junk yard

    BiffelBiffelOy oldin
  • I have an idea it is sky bass only custom

    DanDanOy oldin
  • Do a challenge where you carry one of each type of bow

    DerfnerDerfnerOy oldin

    Jonathan PaganJonathan PaganOy oldin
  • When he says ladies and gentlemen 😍❤

    VanquishGuardianVanquishGuardianOy oldin

    umar patelumar patelOy oldin
  • Bring back fashion shows pls

    Dante O'brienDante O'brienOy oldin
  • custom idea: no fighting till 3rd circle

    plqaidplqaidOy oldin
  • Do 100 people land anywhere

    Travis PhilpottTravis PhilpottOy oldin
  • Gotta love how it says “I WON” yet jack won it for them.😒

    Brendan StokesBrendan StokesOy oldin
  • E

    Moon LightMoon LightOy oldin
  • Only picaxe land at spire👍🏾

    Amondre SheppardAmondre SheppardOy oldin
  • Guess who’s channel is dying!!

    WiseWxveWiseWxveOy oldin
  • Nicks you gotta claim a lavender colored skin bra

    Kritic!Kritic!Oy oldin
  • The customs don’t feel the same

    Gaming EGGaming EGOy oldin
    • Ya😪

      OTG What's PoppinOTG What's PoppinOy oldin
  • go onto performance mode will get 100+ frames will be a lot better for these type of videos feels a lot better aswell

    Dom 7122Dom 7122Oy oldin
  • That sweat 😩 3:14

    Robin LuuRobin LuuOy oldin
  • Capron funk stole your ending song for his channel

    Cooper BradburnCooper BradburnOy oldin
  • Lol he should make a rage compilation

    lil_samuri81 YTlil_samuri81 YTOy oldin
  • You should just do a normal custom

    Kad carKad carOy oldin
  • Custom idea: bows only

    AA MeltAA MeltOy oldin
  • Play random squads

    Rascals RascalsRascals RascalsOy oldin
  • “I got everyone to land on the new clock tower and last one wins

    KBKBOy oldin
  • Nicks y’all should of rebooted each other’s

    Mee'Arre HawkinsMee'Arre HawkinsOy oldin
  • Land in pond only pick a pond and everyone lands on it

    DJ mobile gamesDJ mobile gamesOy oldin
  • Vid idea you can only find gold or grey weapons only remember use code nicks

    Landon GuernseyLandon GuernseyOy oldin
  • Primal only customs next or makeshift only

    Melissa MoateMelissa MoateOy oldin
  • Everyone lands at logjam woodworks

    GXR StyxGXR StyxOy oldin
  • Or r1 hydro

    Angela WrightAngela WrightOy oldin
  • How about flash factory

    Angela WrightAngela WrightOy oldin
  • wow you still do this keep it up if i were you i would of quit cause I'm lazy

    YeetziYeetziOy oldin
  • Why is Nicks losing subscribers :(

    Gavin GriffithGavin GriffithOy oldin
  • Noice

    Mr savageMr savageOy oldin
  • Floor loot only customs??

    Isaiah SandersIsaiah SandersOy oldin
  • Tbh no hate but nick only wins when he has his custom winners

    Tanya O. ShiromaTanya O. ShiromaOy oldin
  • His account died☹️

    Gamer GUrlllGamer GUrlllOy oldin
  • Green weapons only custum

    Reverze_ ClassicReverze_ ClassicOy oldin
  • *video idea* u cheating in your own custom

    JaKarri GoodwinJaKarri GoodwinOy oldin
  • Reee eeeee!!!!!!!

    TheEmeraldDragonEye 09TheEmeraldDragonEye 09Oy oldin
  • Custom Idea 💡:Everyone wear default skins and they gotta find you 1 vs 99

    Enrique MedranoEnrique MedranoOy oldin
  • Custom idea: hide n seek custom

    VrsifyXIVrsifyXIOy oldin
  • makeshif only

    jayball jjayball jOy oldin

    Isabella CantoniIsabella CantoniOy oldin
  • He should do a ground loot only custom

    Henry ChapmanHenry ChapmanOy oldin
  • Nick's do this challenge getting 100 players to sky base all game

    rampagee YTrampagee YTOy oldin
  • Nick kinda looks like soar Dylan 😂

    Rico WilliamsonRico WilliamsonOy oldin
  • Ngl I used to watch u everyday when u upload daily but now I don’t because u feel off hard

    Evan BoswellEvan BoswellOy oldin
  • Maybe a bow only custom

    Ali KarnoubAli KarnoubOy oldin
  • Only landing at risky? Seems like a good video

    my musicmy musicOy oldin
  • I wish I was there but I got the notification at 6AM in my timeline cuz your timeline is 5 hours behind mine

    Time To Edit!Time To Edit!Oy oldin
  • Do a customer you have to be in the water the whole game

    Alexander VanreeseAlexander VanreeseOy oldin
  • Flush only challenge???

    Literallyleo 101Literallyleo 101Oy oldin
  • Can you redo old location but you can only use one weapon or something like that

    spxdyyspxdyyOy oldin
  • can you do a hand cam

    Esteban SandovalEsteban SandovalOy oldin
  • Lol I won the game

    TTKMeltZYTTKMeltZYOy oldin
  • Yo

    Clan AxyClan AxyOy oldin